CryptoXTP Index - less risk, better performance
Risk adjusted crypto asset strategy designed for exceptional results

CryptoXTP Index
The most successful cryptocurrencies 
combined in a risk-adjusted index

Most observers of the cryptocurrency markets will agree that risk and volatility of cryptocurrencies are in a whole different league. Without going into specific data at this point, one need only look at historical price charts to see that emerging cryptocurrencies often burn out faster than shooting stars and token prices - even of established projects - rise and fall faster and more extremely than asset prices in mainstream markets.

Our investment approach is based on the fact that with increasing price setbacks the required profit to equal losses increases disproportionately. If an asset loses 10% of its value, it must then rise by 11% to compensate for the loss. At minus 25%, it is 33% and at minus 50%, which is not uncommon in crypto markets, it is 100% until the loss is made up again. A loss of 100 %... ok, you got it! 

Therefore, avoiding permanent losses and reducing volatility, especially the temporary, extreme drawdowns in crypto markets is key to achieving outstanding investment results.


CryptoXTP Index combines the most successful Crypto currencies (X) in a risk adjusted Tangential Portfolio. The strategy is designed to reduce portfolio risk and volatility and, most importantly, draw downs without reducing upward potential. The portfolio construction aims to significantly outperform an equally weighted crypto portfolio over the medium to long term.

About us
Knowledge, Experience and Passion for Data

The perfect combination of opportuinities and personal skills is key to achieve outstanding results.


Knowing what you know and knowing what you do, that is knowledge. 

The mind behind the CryptoXTP Index is Michael Schnoor. Michael is one of the German pioneers in structuring risk-adjusted equity strategies.

As part of his scientific work in the late 1990s, he deep dived into mathematical models to structure risk optimized stock portfolios with a focus on Minimum Variance.


Experience is not what happens to you. Experience is what you make of what happens to you. 
Aldous Huxley

The CryptoXTP Index team combines more than 50 years of experience in asset management and structuring quantitative investment approaches, especially in the field of risk management.

What we learned from the challenges of the stock market over time has enabled us to build a bridge to the fascinating investment word of crypto assets and to create an exceptional investment approach.

Passion for Data

Garbage in, garbage out!
Smart Mathematician

The ground work of any cryptocurrency is accurate data. Without clean, reliable data, everything is nothing and no blockchain would survive a single day, or even come into existence.  

The CryptoXTP Index is based on data - such as price time series or risk data - which are obtained from highly reliable, decentralized sources.

How to invest?

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Follow the best crypto portfolios

With its CryptoXTP Index VILICO is an accredited Champion on the platform. 

Investors opt in a Hord smart contract that mirrors a Champion's portfolio, issuing an ETF token that reflects the portfolio assets movements and fluctuation in real-time. 

Champions followers can buy these ETF tokens that are minted when the follower deposits funds in the mirror smart contract. That ETF's value fluctuates in sync with the value of the assets in the Champions basket and can be redeemed or traded.

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