CryptoXTP - The first risk-adjusted crypto index

Backtest: Quarterly performance data.
Disclaimer: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns


Investment process

1. Investment universe: Largest ERC-20 token by market capitalization 
2. Data collection: historical prices, volatility, correlation
3. Risk analysis
4. Risk optimization / selection and weighting of token
5. During the computer-aided combination process, the portfolio with the optimal risk/return structure is sought 
6. Exceeding the upper loss limit leads to a reduction in the level of investment 
7. Quarterly rebalancing


Download pdf: CryptoXTP Index

CryptoXTP Index
Remarkable outperformance by reducing portfolio risk.

The CryptoXTP Index is designed for investors who want to participate in the performance of the crypto market over the long term while keeping risk (real loss, volatility, draw downs) as low as possible.

CryptoXTP fulfills precisely this desire by combining the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization in a quantitative, risk return optimized portfolio-construction, the Tangential Portfolio (TP).

The investment objective of the Crypto XTP Index is to significantly outperform the equally weighted portfolio of the top cryptocurrencies over the medium to long term with reduced volatility.

The strategy is quantitative-rule-based, transparent and managed without emotions.

How to invest?

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Follow the best crypto portfolios

With its CryptoXTP Index VILICO is an accredited Champion on the platform. 

Participants opt in a Hord smart contract that mirrors our CryptoXTP portfolio, issuing an ETF token that reflects the portfolio assets movements and fluctuation in real-time. 

Champions followers can buy these ETF tokens that are minted when the follower deposits funds in the mirror smart contract. That ETF's value fluctuates in sync with the value of the assets in the Champions basket and can be redeemed or traded.

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